Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Your Favourite Books of all time (in no particular order)

We're running a poll. A survey if you will.
It involves everyone that's got anything to do with the Big Green Bookshop. That means customers that come through the door, facebook friends, people who read this blog, friends, online customers, everyone who lives in Wood Green and the environs, and everyone else who accidently rubs against the Big Green Bookshop's rather fashionable trousers.
This includes you as you're reading this.
The poll, or survey if you will, is designed to find out what your favourite books of all time are(in no particular order)
Here at TBGB's we're kind of interested in what it really is that floats your boat, and we think that maybe asking you will help us find out. That is if you reply...
Over the next 3 days we'll be baring our literary souls and letting you know what our 5 faves are.
We'll be running this poll, or survey if you will, until November 22nd (that's about 88 days), and we hope to get lots and lots of replies. Once we've got all our replies, Tim will put together a very exciting excel spreadsheet which will show us the Top 50 books. The results will be announced on November 28th.
Now we realise that this isn't easy, and of course these things change all the time depending on all sorts of factors. But we're offering a great prize for one person chosen at random from everyone who sends us their choice. That person will win 20 books OF THEIR CHOICE from the official Big Green Bookshop Top 50.

So tomorrow morning I will be listing Mr Tim West's 5 favourite books of all time (in no particular order), and also I'll be attaching a little thing that you can fill in and send back to us.

We do hope you'll join in and also we hope you'll spread news of this poll, or survey if you will, all over the world wide web.

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