Sunday, November 01, 2009

Here's what you're reading right now

Sunday night at 11.15pm. This is no time to start a blog. But nevertheless, this is exactly what i'm doing.
There are a few things to talk about, so as it's late, i'll be brief.

1. Sam Enthoven is a brilliant writer of kids books involving chaos, demons, kung fu and extreme destruction. His two previous books The Black Tattoo and Tim Defender of the Earth are big news in the world of The Big Green Bookshop, and Sam is a superstar of epic proportions. He's also one of a group of eight authors who have actually been trapped by monsters, and are being held by them in a cave somewhere fairly unpleasant I expect.
These authors have had to write on the trapped by monsters website to avoid being eaten or even worse belched on by these hideous beasts. Sam, who has obviously been misbehaving recently has beeen forced by the monsters to write an exclusive short story on the website. It's called Jethro's Ace of Hearts and it's being serialised over the next 13 days. ( Update. Sam has managed to get a message to me via a well trained earwig to let me know that the 13 part story is being posted on a twice weekly schedule, and not every day. This'll add to the suspense....) The story's been illustrated by the equally naughty David Melling.

Sam's an amazing storyteller and I would urge you to keep popping back to the website to enjoy the true hooror that is undoubtably going to unfold over the next 12 days. As Sam would no doubt say 'Bwah-ha. Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Bwah-HAAA-HAAAAA-HAAAAAAA-HAAAcough-choke-burst-gurgle-thunk'

2. A bit more horror here. Last night I read The Kill Crew by Joseph D'Lacey. This is a novella that's been published by Stonegarden, and has taken an age to finally become available in the UK...naughty Stonegarden.
Joseph's previous books Meat and Garbage Man are frickin' brilliant. They both show what an incredible storyteller he is in very different ways. I have to say I preferred Meat to Garbage Man, but the latter had moments of such incredible imagery and power and I was moved by both books.
I've been so looking forward to Kill Crew, and I really wasn't disappointed. It's the story centred around Sherri, one of a dwindling group of around 200 survivors of an unknown plague that's turned the rest of the population into a zombie like state. These 'surviviors' are holed up in protected block of houses, and each night a patrol of seven of them(The Kill Crew) head out to try and reduce the number of zombies that are out there in the best way possible. By blowing their heads off. It soon becomes clear that these zombies aren't going away and Sherri has to make a choice about how she's going to survive.
There's enough zombie shoot em up action to keep the schlock horror fans happy, but it's the emotional side of the story that is (once again) the most powerful aspect in Joseph's writing. This could have been all '28 days later', but you fininshed the story with a real feeling for the main characters in the book and also you questioned what you would do in the situation that these tragic character found themselves in.
This book isn't available in many places, but seeing as we're now offering FREE POSTAGE AND PACKING on our website, this might be the best way to go.

3. Three is a secret, but all will be revealed in a day or two (hopefully one). But it's all quite exiting.


Sam Enthoven said...

(blushes) Thank you, Simon! Your kind and flattering words have momentarily lightened the suffocating spiritual darkness of our Trapped By Monsters plight. Would that they could do the same to the literal dark: due to typing by feel in utter blackness (and /hiding my keyboard/ being one of the ways my foul monster captors get their chuckles), I'll "only" be posting episodes of JETHRO'S ACE OF HEARTS on a twice a week basis. But if you or your awesome blog's readers enjoy gourmet cannibalism, horse-drawn carriages and other fun stuff like that, I reckon the story will be worth the wait. ;D
Mwaha. MWAHAHAHA! Er, 'scuse me,

Sam Enthoven said...

PS: Slice two of JETHRO'S ACE OF HEARTS to be served rare and bloody tonight, Mon 2nd Nov @ 11:59pm GMT
Snee hee hee!