Monday, November 02, 2009


Here at the Big Green Bookshop our perspicaciousness often even astounds us. The proof books idea is going remarkably well, and our Booker book group was bloomin' marvellous. Despite having larks along the way, we do try to do exciting new stuff too.

And so ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you to our latest and most exciting plan to take over the world of bookselling (We're comin' to get you Amazon. It might take a couple of months, but I know you're looking over your shoulder).
We've teamed up with the wonderful Gallic Books in a pioneering and groundbreaking way, that I don't think has ever been done before. No, really.
Independent Bookshops have always struggled to find ways to work effectively with publishers, and despite the publishers efforts (offering extra money off books for example), nothing has really stuck.
So we want to change that, and so do Gallic Books. They are a brilliant company who publish english language editions of the finest modern french literature. We sell lots of their books already, like The Suicide Shop and The Elegance of the Hedgehog, and we thought it would be a good idea to look at ways of making the most of this in order to let our customers know just how good they are.
So we had a chat with Jane and Ali for Gallic, and we've kind of adopted each other, so to speak. We love their books already (and so do a lot of our customers) , and so we've agreed to give them a higher profile in the shop. We'll review at least one of their books on the blog and on the website each month and we're giving them a special page on our website .
In return, all sales that go through Gallic Books website will be fulfilled by us. We're also the venue of choice for any author event or launch the Gallic hold, and we're also in a position to now offer free postage and packing on all Gallic Books ordered online or over the phone to the shop.
There's other bits and bobs too, but esentially that's it.
What we're both hoping to achieve is that more people get the chance to enjoy the wonderful books that Gallic are publishing. They really are a superb publisher and we're sure that if you haven't tried one of their titles yet, you'll be very pleasantly suprised when you do.

Not only that, but to celebrate this new partnership, we're running a competition. Everyone who buys any of Gallic Books titles from the bookshop or online between now and the new year will be entered into a draw for a chance to win two return tickets on Eurostar to Paris.


Joseph D'Lacey said...

Brilliant idea! I think it will be a great success...

Anonymous said...

When I was a rep, yours was my favourite bookshop and Gallic was my favourite publisher. It sounds like a marriage made in heaven.

G d L.