Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Right Stitch Up and a baby update.

One of Katie's friend's Candice is a regular Stitch and Bitch London, a fine group of knitting mad people who encourage this fine craft (they also like a bit of crochet too). Slightly inspired by her, we introduced a knitting day at the Big Green Bookshop, which meets on the first Sunday of each month, for tea cake and knitting (1.00pm till 3.00pm).
Anyway, this is a preamble for showing you this wonderful present that she knitted Freya.

Look, it's a Mermaid.

Oh, hang on a minute..what's going on Freya?

She's no mermaid, she's a human being...with pants (also removable, but we'll spare her blushes)

Either way, Freya loves her.

Candice got the idea (and pattern I presume) from a book called 'Knitted Babes', and added her own little bit of magic to it.
Isn't it brilliant.

Freya's 16 months now and baby number 2 will be arriving sometime towards the end of February. Being a dad is the best job in the world, even better than having your own bookshop (which is hard to beat). Sleep is over rated anyway.


talesNtypos said...

S&B sounds like immense fun. Love the mer/woman/maid. Cute baby. Great sentiment.

Candice said...

i'm so proud xx Think i'll make a sailor for my bump so they can go on dates