Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blogger's Book of the Month.

Book review blogs have successfully joined the ranks of traditional media as a valuable resource for readers and bookshops alike. A little over a year ago, in recognition of this almost new phenomenon, we launched our 'Blogger's Book Of The Month' inititative. We contacted several high profile book bloggers and made a very simple request: recommend us a book, once a month and we'll promote it in store and online. From this basic premise the BBOTM, as we sometimes call it, has become something we thinking rather unique and special.

Currently, our roster of Bloggers includes:

Scott Pack – Me and My Big Mouth
Jackie Bailey – Farm Lane Books Blog
Simon Thomas – Stuck in a Book
Lizzy Siddall – Lizzy’s Literary Life
Victoria Hoyle – Eve’s Alexandria
Karen Howlett – Cornflower Books
Elaine Simpson-Long – Random Jottings
Tom Cunliffe – A Common Reader
Rosy Barnes et al – Vulpes Libris (or the Book Foxes)
Liz De Jager et al – My Favourite Books

Each of them has adopted the project with the same enthusiasm and dedication they bring to their websites, offering some fresh literary discoveries along the way. For example, "God is Dead" by Ron Currie is one of those strange little books that could easily be overlooked, but has become one of our bestselling titles - thanks to a review by Victoria Hoyle. After the recommendation of Simon Thomas I was reacquainted with the short stories of Katherine Mansfield. "Naming The Bones" by Louise Welch, reviewed by Tom Cunliffe, was the best selling book on our website during March. Lastly, for now, "A Not So Perfect Crime," chosen by Lizzy Siddall broke all records for selling out almost as soon as it was unpacked.

There are, after all these months, so many more great books reviewed by our bloggers, and I encourage you to find them here on our website: Blogger's Book of the Month

So, I'd like to say a massive Thank You to all those bloggers who have given their time to our cause. I hope the will continue to do so for a long time to come. Their selections have provided much needed inspiration, answer that question "so what shall I read next?" Finally, please remember that all these bloggers provide this service for free so please follow the links above and our website, and if you enjoy what they do, then drop them a line and say so.

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The Brain Lair (KB) said...

Do you sell children's books? It would be nice if you could get a MG/YA blogger to contribute...