Thursday, April 14, 2011


We've had some groovy new bookmarks designed. Wanna see 'em?
Patience, patience.
First of all  let me tell you how they got made.

Well, you know we have a Twitter account don't you? We are @biggreenbooks (Follow us and all your wildest dreams will come true).
One day a couple of weeks ago I tweeted  a request.

"Would anyone like to design some bookmarks for us? FOR FREE?"
We're cheeky like that.

We got some great offers from lots of people who offered to help out and one in particular who asked one or two questions and  said that she'd have a think and send some ideas later in the week.

Little did we know that this person, Lindsay, was co founder of a London based design consultancy called Irish Butcher , who have worked with clients such as The Guardian, V & A, RIBA and M & S.
So when two or 3 days later we got an email from her with an attachement, saying 'here are a few ideas I came up with, what do you think', we had no idea what an amzing and wonderful andf insighful designer she was.
She pitched it exactly right and we think it fits in exactly with the personality of the bookshop.
We have some stickers being made too, which obviously she has done an amazing job on, which we will be unveilling soon.

So do you want to see them then?

Are you sure you're ready?

Well OK.

But rememeber this. If you ever want a brilliant deisgner to help you out, you can't go wrong with the brilliant Irish Butcher.(check out their website).

Right, here we are then, the bookmarks.

Here They Are

They are rather flippin' brilliant aren't they?

Let me know what you think. We'd love to know?

Tomorrow, News of the Big Green Bookshop Tour of London.


Ali said...

Love them! The Piccadilly line one. Not so sure about the custard cream reference- world's most hideous biscuit.

Taylor Phillips said...

Irish Butcher are amazing... I've had the pleasure of meeting them both socially and would love to work with them sometime.

Taylor Phillips said...

ps great bookmarks! :)

Michelle said...

They are great. I especially like the 10 more pages and it's time for bed.

stuttard.tempest said...

My life in four bookmarks! (I don't sunbathe...)Love them.