Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Green Wednesday


we're going to be trying something in the shop, and this is the thing that we're going to be trying in the shop.
We're going to open on a Wednesday at 10.30am instead of the usual 9.30am . Can I stress at this juncture that this isn't because we fancy a lie in midweek (although it would be nice), but because we're going to invite a class from a local school to come to the shop at 9.30am each Wednesday, and get an author in to entertain them for an hour. We're going to start this after the easter holidays, at the start of May, and so far we've had lots of lovely authors who've signed up to the thing wot we're calling 'Green Wednesday', although it might change to 'Big Green Wednesday', depending on how we're feeling.
Whilst this won't make us much cash, I don't really care. But hopefully it will;

1. Give the kids an hour of feeling a little bit special
2. Make them tell other people about the lovely Big Green Bookshop
3. Allow us to enjoy the work of some wonderful kids authors
4. Help us to build relationships with the local schools
5. Be a great laugh

If you (yes you), are in a position where you can help us to get some authors in for this thing, or if you are, in fact, an author who'd like to join us, or have some suggestions for Big Green Wednesday, then you know the procedure.

It was a miserable day today in our shop, but we have to have a few of them I guess. But we did get our first account order, and it's only day 10, and (here's the best bit), it's our shop!

Maybe tomorrow ( a song you're likely never to hear on this blog again) will be better.


equiano said...

For young classes, Frances Lincoln's Ifeoma Onyefulu is wonderful and does good author events. Beverley Naidoo is also great, for the pre-teen/teen market.

Sarah-Lucy said...

Definitely should call it 'Big Green Wednesday'. All part of the 'Big Green' branding :o)

Alis said...

Fantastic idea - I particularly like the idea of children feeling special for an hour. In my experience (with my speech and language hat on) of working with kids in schools a lot of kids just never, ever, get to feel special. Go for it guys!

Anonymous said...

If it's the Billy Fury version of Maybe Tomorrow then I'd vote for it over "Thank You For The Music" and "Silence is Golden" any day.

G d L

Lindsay said...

It's a lovely idea and the children will have a great time. Could think about contacting nurseries too, toddlers love books! Wonder if there is any way you could/any benefit in tying in with the Bookstart initiative? Babies get a Bookstart bag at their 6 week check-up, then toddlers get one at the age of 2 (we got ours from our local library), then there's another as they are about to start school I think.

Vanessa said...

What a great idea - would you mind if I stole it?

Akasha Savage said...

I think that's an excellent idea (you should def call it Big Green Wednesday). I work in a primary school library. I would love it if I could take the groups of kids I teach to a local book shop to meet an author; I know they would enjoy it.

Simon Key said...

thanks for all the ideas and support. Things are moving on at a pace now, and we've got a good lot of authors on board. We're thinking of branching out and doing music mornings as well now, but we'll see.