Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So Much to do, So Little Time


I've got 20 minutes spare before I head off to the shop, and sorry I've not posted for a couple of days. Tim and I are doing long days at the moment, and we're both a bit pooped. I've left my camera at the shop, but i'll take some more pictures today and post them later. With 3 days to go here's the state of play...
  • The bags have arrived
  • The sign hasn't
  • Martin from Bertrams is working with us, installing the stock control system
  • We've now unpacked all the boxes we've got
  • we need more books
  • The flyer's been made and being printed today
  • The debit card pin machine (pdq) is 'definitely arriving on Friday'.
  • The skip is being taken away 'hrunsday'. We aren't quite sure whether that means Wednesday or Thursday
  • The balloons are arriving tomorrow
  • The till is being installed today
  • we have about 50 metres of bunting
  • The electrician has now finished (we left the shop at 1am this morning)
  • We've done interviews with the local paper and we think that we've got reporters from 5 publications coming on saturday
  • We've found someone to be Maisy
  • weve got the lollies on order
  • The book tokens haven't arrived yet
  • I'm sorry if I haven't replied to some of the e-mails i've had recently
  • We're taking the coffee machine to the shop today

Tim and I are hanging on in there, and we're taking the last two signs down from the shop front today (there were six signs on the shop last week). Merchandising will be started tomorrow, although it's difficult not to play with all the lovely books that are sitting at vatious angles on the bookcases.

It's actually beginning to look like a bookshop now. You'd have hoped with 3 days to go it probably should.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck in the next few days, guys, will be rooting for you. Try and get some sleep!

Sarah-Lucy said...

I bet you guys are more excited than a 7 year old at Christmas!!

Can't wait to see the shop open. Good luck for Saturday..!!!

Alis said...

I'm getting v. excited about Saturday so I can only imagine the state of you two. Hope you're getting at least some sleep...

Kelly said...

Good luck!

looking forward to seeing the finished article on Sat :)

Angela Young said...

Good luck for Saturday. I hope you've got enough balloons ... and are getting at least some sleep before the big green day.

Anonymous said...

And I've just seen you guys topping the bill in the Bookseller Bulletin as it floated into my Inbox. Many congratulations indeed, and best of luck for Saturday!

June said...

Saw you on the Bookseller too - best of luck for Saturday - wish I could join you !