Monday, March 10, 2008

The Work Really Begins


Tim and I are absolutely out on our feet. 17 days non stop has taken its toll, and despite the incredible fun and frolics of Saturday our health is

Tim can't lift his left arm above shoulder height after an incident involving bunting, a bookcase, and some ceiling tiles. I have a mixture of a cough a cold and a self pity. A nasty combination. All this coupled with the awful weather hasn't helped. Sunday and Monday have been (obviously) quiet in comparison to Saturday. And we've started to implement operation 'being extremely vocal about The Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green'.

So far these things have happened.
  1. A very well known North London author, has suggested to Tim, when asked whether he fancied 'doing something' in the shop, 'what, like have sex or something??'
  2. I've picked up the phone and answered 'Hello, Big Red Bookshop'
  3. A man called Costas has offered to fix our roof (which is leaking) for less than £150 nicker.
  4. 5 local schools have shown interest in opening accounts with us.

not a lot to report, but the main thing is that we've started to work on the 99% of people who live in Wood Green who have no idea we exist.

I'll be a lot more perky in the next blog (more perky than Michael Perkinson, or maybe more perky than Pinky's partner), but I really need to sleep now. Night night.


Alis said...

Alcohol, massages and early nights. No, not a recipe for a dirty weekend - just what you two need at the end of every day at the moment!
Take it easy guys... you're in it for the long haul now.

Nina said...

I guess that Big Red Bookshop comment someone else left stuck in your mind! I still plan on popping by tomorrow after class :)


Anonymous said...

Please please please get rid of 'Little Hobo' - I keep forgetting to turn the sound down!

Cllr Matt Davies said...

Slightly belated congrats on the opening guys... looking forward to popping in before too long!