Friday, August 15, 2008

Football and Comics and MUD


It's already started. The Football season that is. Last Saturday at 3.00pm in Blackpool to be precise. And at about 4.52pm last Saturday I was reminded why this is going to be a long and exciting season.
Bristol City substitute Steve Brooker cooly stroked in an injury time winner which means we're level top on points with 1 game gone. Derby County next.

I've done my fantasy football team. It (staggeringly) includes Jimmy Bullard. Mr Crockatt will be proud of me.

I've also done my predictions at Mr Ladbrokes for the winner of each division.


we'll see how woefully wrong I am in a few months no doubt.


Having sold all my comics (I had about 1500 and I thought I'd had enough of them, so off they went), I'm having a bit of a rethink. There's one series that I really really miss and so i've decided to re-collect them. I suspect i'm slightly autistic (but blokes have that tendency don't they).
The series in question was the first ever Marvel series that was created by Stan 'the man' Lee and brought to life by Jack 'King' Kirby. We're talking, as if I need to tell you, about the Fantastic Four. The world's greatest comic magazine.
This was the first comic to give the central characters flaws and personalities (The Thing spends most of the series trying to not be a superhero), and we can even feel sorry for some of the villains (The Mole Man, The Puppet Master and even Galactus), and so i'm now probably going to spend the next 3 years building up this series again. And then there's thr crossover issues and the stand alone series, like the Thing, a 36 comic series which has Ben Grimm (The Thing) become a wrestler!

If anyone finds a copy of this or any of the other 600 odd FF comics i'll be happy to take them off your hands for a fair price.


this stands for the Middlesex University Direct, and it's a monthly mag that goes to all the students, lecturers and employees of Middlesex University (our closest campus). Anyway they've asked us to do a monthly column, talking about books, what's going on in the shop, and stuff like that (not about football or Boris Johnson or inflatable trousers). We've said that we'll send them 2 or 3 new books to read and review each month, and we'll cover the other page and a half. So, i'm appealing to any publishers/reps/authors out there who think that they have a book that would be suitable for an audience of around 10,000 students to let me know. It's a very well read mag and it can't do any harm. We might even sell some copies off the back of it. I guess that's what we all want isn't it.


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CPMatthew said...

Ach Simon. We face Arsenal on Saturday following our opening anti-heroics at Hull.

It's going to be another long hard season of trying to prove we really should be in the Premier league.

Not sure how fantasy football works but having met Mr Bullard in the pub I can vouch for him as a bloke - any team would benefit with him around I think.