Monday, August 11, 2008

Levi Roots


Levi Roots. He's a nice man.
He came to the shop on Saturday. This is how we advertised it on Gumtree, and on the Facebook Group, and on the Time Out website, and on our newsletter that we send to our mailing list, and on lecturelist.

This is going to be fun! The Dragon slayer Levi Roots will be joining us at the Big Green Bookshop on Saturday August 9th at 2pm to celebrate with us and sign copies of his fantastic 'Reggae Reggae Cookbook'.
If the weather is good, we'll be having a barbecue from around 1pm and we're hoping to make it a carnival atmosphere in Brampton Park Road, so there'll be loads of stuff happening with a bit of luck.
More news as we make it.
We're just too good to you....

here's a poster which appeared in various haunts around Wood Green

We had a window in for 4 weeks advertising it.

We'd arranged for a wonderful msician to play and we'd arranged a barbecue outside the shop which a chef from a local cafe loked after. We'd put together a great menu, including jerk chicken and reggae reggae burgers, and we'd chosen traditionaly one of the hottest weekends of the year.

It pissed down

But Levi was lovely and despite Wood Green deciding to stay indoors in the dry, he stuck around and met the people that braved it out.

The barbie was still great, and the biggest news of the day was that Andrew, one of our 'regular' customers put his hand in his pockets for the first time since we opened to buy not one, but two helpings of jerk chicken.

The musician S Calli also performed and was brilliant. He's standing in what was our car park, next to the shop, which we've turned intoan outdoor oasis, that people can sit and enjoy the wonderful cosmopolitan atmosphere of Wood Green.

More of S Calli here

but it pissed down.

Which was a shame

and didn't help.

Anyway, onwards and upwards.

We have a new thing on the right of the blog, which lists our events. Hope you like it.

The Bill Drummond event is now fully booked and we've sold all 50 tickets. We might see if we can squeeze in another dozen or so peolple, but i'm really looking forward to it.

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Leigh Russell said...

Hi Simon
Just stumbled on your blog (and left a message on a post from 2007 - lost my way there.) Please reassure Tim some of us novices in the virtual world are even older than him! Enterprising is the word that springs to mind reading about your venture. (Hope that doesn't prompt you to think "patronising" - not intended to be.) As for the weather... what do you expect in August in England? !
You're welcome to visit my blog -about my experience as a new author (3 book deal, 1st due in March 2009 - unsubtle plug).
I'll try to visit the Big Green Bookshop (as a customer, not a 'reverse shoplifter' !)
Independent bookshops help safeguard our culture & individual freedoms. Disappearing fast... Hope you thrive in Wood Green.