Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Je Suis Tres Fatigue

That's french that is. Like the bloke who pressed the wrong button at Amazon recently. Maybe he was fatigue as well. Probably reading too much porn...not me, the French bloke.

Anyway, It's quite quiet in the shop at the moment, so it gives me a chance to do some returns, and catch up on those little things that i've been meaning to do for ages. A-Z children's picture flats, redo some of the display bays, make the shop pretty. Tim's on holiday at the moment, which means a 7 day stretch at the shop. He did come in for the reading group meeting last night (Poisonwood Bible), so I've been at home in the evening this week.

Tomorrow, i'll be finishing off the returns, if the authorazation comes back that is, and i'll be ordering a wild selection of new and exciting books.

Not a very exciting blog, but at least you know i'm still alive.

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