Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Books

This book here. A Seriously Useful Author's Guide to Marketing and Publicising Books.....I'm not that keen on the cover, but this is a fantastic little (actually 230 pages) book. Written by Mary Cavanagh, author of the wonderful Crowded Bed, it's quite simply exactly as the title suggests. But not only that, it's also an interesting read for anyone in the booktrade, as it has some great advice about selling and marketing books. Mary hasn't just used her experience when putting to gether this book. There are some useful contributions from the great and the good in the business. Mark Robson, a fine exponent of self publicity, Dovegreyreader, book blogger and reviewer, Roderick Gordon, co-author of the mega selling Tunnels, Mark Thornton, owner of the rather special award winning Indie bookshop Mostly Books and many other upstanding citizens.
...but hang on a minute. What's this? on page 126. Why, isn't that my name there? How the heck did that happen?
Well apart from pages 126-128, the book is a wealth of information, and has some brilliant advice for book types everywhere. And available at our shop and plenty of others no doubt at the very reasonable price of £7.99.

The second book is one i'd advise anybody who works in Waterstone's to read.

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