Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two Events and other things too.

Last Wednesday, Karen Maitland, author of the brilliant Company of Liars (reviewed here last year), came to our little shop to talk about, read from and answer questions about this and her new book The Owl Killers. I'd been looking forward to this for ages, and Karen was absolutely wonderful.
She clearly loved what she did, and made the dark ages come alive with her enthusiasm and knowledge. She read the prologue (as instructed by her publicist!!) of the new book and answered all our questions.
She was even kind enough to email me to thank me for the evening, and also in this email she answered a question she was asked on the night that she didn't know the answer to.
In case you're interested, the question was what or who was a corridian. I'll email you the answer if you like.
I hope that we can invite Karen back again, and we will continue to spread the love about her brilliant books.

Friday, and we had quite a different evening planned. Bob Fischer, author of 'Wiffle Lever to Full', a lovingly nostalgic story of one (mad)man's hilarious 'journey' in which Bob spent a year going round cult TV and science fiction conventions. We managed to borrow from Andy McQuade (facebook legend) a film projector, which Bob was going to use for a slideshow. Everything seemed to work fine, but the darn thing just wouldn't play ball. As you can imagine by the very nature of the book, the audience was (in the nicest possible way) predominently geeky, but despite the best efforts of some of the more tech savvy, Bob eventually stuck his laptop in a place where we could see instead.
And he was very very funny. We had given each of the audience Sherbert Dip Dabs to enjoy (here's Bob with said item), and as Bob entertained us with stories of Stormtroopers, Brian Blessed and a glorious one day round trip from Teeside to Cardiff, we all Dipped and Dabbed.

Two very different events, but each really fantastic. You really should come to one of these sometime.

I had this idea too.
Here's a photo or two of our faceout bookcases, so that you can see what we're liking at the moment. If you want you can click on the photos and they'll get bigger. Isn't the internet clever.

I might do this every couple of weeks, and (if you want) i'll pick out some of the less obvious books for you. Not something the Espresso Book Machine can do.

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