Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some Photos

Here's our window.
One of the local schools (Lea Valley) asked us to judge their T shirt competition recently. The kids had to design a shirt based on their favourite character from a book. It was a tough decision, but we(Tim)finally decided that these were the finest.
I'm glad I didn't have to do the judging because there were some brilliant designs. We have some of the highly commended ones up in the shop too.
This is a brilliant school, who care massively about getting the kids interested and excited about reading, and i'm really glad we're working with them.
I suspect that the maker of this sign, outside a pub in Crouch End, was not an ex pupil of this school. This is Unexeptable.

We've (once again) had the road near our shop dug up. I checked the council website, to find out the reason for this and as there was nothing, I phoned 'em up. Apparently it was an 'emergency', hence there wasn't time to log it on the website. Well Haringey Council, if it's an emergency why is it that after it got dug up on Tuesday, NOTHING got done until the following Monday leaving the pavement looking like this. Unexceptable...
Try getting a buggy or a wheelchair past here. Note all the illegally parked cars/vans. Thanks again Haringey Council for dealing with this constant problem so efficiently as well.

Calm, Calm, Calm. Here's a picture of Freya.That's better.

This is the 300th post. Hurrah.


a said...

councils, eh?

John said...
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John said...

I really can't get my head around the British way of road works. When I was in the Far East all roadworks were at night during the early hours, in order to cause the least distress to traffic and the public, unless it was noisy road digging, in which case leaflets would be distributed to locals around notifying them of forthcoming noise between such and such an hour and apologising for the inconvenience.