Saturday, July 25, 2009

Horrid Henry Face Making Competition

We held a competition to find the best face puller in Wood Green at our Horrid Henry afternoon.
Here are the 7 finalists.

Gurny Fartbringer

Cowbell Grumpfacer

Grugnut Plopcheeks

Felicia Terrormumps

Crablot Poopington

Flora Clodhopper

Pooface Pimplenose

Now, it's up to you to decide who's got the ugliest mug in Wood Green . We've got a vote up on the blog, and the winner will recieve prizes worth at least £12.50. The more voters the better, so please take a moment to look at these terrifying hideous creatures and vote for your most monstrous.


Shell said...

Something tells me that you had a lot of fun writing those names! So hard to choose which one deserves my vote they are all so incredibly cute...I mean HORRID very horrid

Pernickety Pedant said...

In the piece about the Ugly Mug contest you have mis-spelt the word receive. Tsk tsk!