Monday, July 13, 2009

Oi, Gardners or Bertrams

Isbn 9781848761513.
Please get some more of this book. You haven't had any for ages, and people keep asking for it. You know it makes sense.
Can I hasten to add we don't get all our books from these two goliaths of the booktrade. But this has been a real big hit (and probably would be in other shops if it was more widely available), and having it in stock at Berties and Gardners would allow us to get it a lot easier and quicker.
Is the blog mightier than the teleorder? We shall see...

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Mary Cavanagh said...

Simon, you are A STAR. Thank you so much for sorting out what has been a real muddle of distribution. Hopefully Seriously will be soon be available nationwide, and will do 'what it says on the tin'. To advise and help all current and potential authors to work their way through the minefield of publication methods, and selling a book in the current economic climate.