Saturday, July 04, 2009

That was the Week that was.

Has it really been a week? Good heavens.
OK. To sum up.
Monday, was my day with Freya and we had a right old laugh in Alexandra ParkShe likes a peach.

She also likes a swing.

Tuesday was my brother's birthday. His name is Justin.
This is my brother...this was a disastrous blind date he went on once. I think he's putting on a very brave face.
I love my brother very much, and hope that this public declaration of affection will allow me another week to get a really nice present for him.
Wednesday was the launch of Rosie Furber's new book The Most Intimate Place.
The book launch was in Blackheath Library, which, for those of you who know London will realise, is a long long way from Wood Green. Especially if you don't travel by tube (long story, panic attack/unnatural/zombies). So I hopped onto my bicycle for the long journey south. I think it was supposed to be 13 miles there, and I guess having got lost 3 times on the way it was closer to 16. So it's ironic, after spending that long in the saddle, that it was my 'most intimate place' that was very relieved to have gotten there.
The launch was huge and the library was jammed with well wishers. Rosie is one of our most fantastic supporters and, aswell as playing the fanfare on her trumpet on our opening day, has been to lots of our events and has always answered the call if we needed her.
Here's Rosie (in red) with her husband James on the left and some of her friends.
I can't wait to get stuck into the book. Crime and sauce...what a combination!
Thursday and we welcomes Jayne Joso and Mez Packer to the shop to read from their new books.
I was really looking forward to this evening, as both the books really appealed to me. And those of us who turned up weren't let down at all. Mez and Jayne were both superb and their readings enticed pretty much everyone in the audience into buying copies of their books. You too can buy these books by clicking here for Jayne's, and here for Mez's.
Friday was my day of working from home, and I finalised our Summer Extravaganza for kids at the shopClick on the picture and i'm sure it'll get bigger.
I also added another event to our growing list on the website.
1. Greg Stekelman, TheManWhoFellAsleep is coming to the shop on August 12th

I'm adding another 5 events over the next week, so it's worth checking back to see all the groovy stuff that's going on.

Saturday and I was at the shop by myself as Tim's youngest, fastest son Harry was celebrating his birthday. Tim, Harry and a gang of Harry's mates were donning 3D glasses to go and watch a thing at the cinema that required these kind of things. It was fairly uneventful in the shop as the Hornsey Carnival (local popular thing) was happening today, but nevertheless we did OK.
So this evening I was sitting on the balcony type thing at the back of our house with Katie, and I was savouring a lovely big old bottle of beer. The night was drawing in as I poured the last of it into my glass and I reflected on how particularly frothy it was. As it was late, we decided to go inside, and as I picked up my now almost empty glass and headed into the kitchen I noticed the reason the beer had been particularly frothy. It was the slug that had crawled into the glass at some point earlier in the evening.
You should try it.

So that was the week that was.


Keren David said...

Urgh...a slug! At least it died happy...

Could I schmooze you to add me to your list of local authors? My book will be published in January and I live in Hornsey Vale...really local!

Muriel said...
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Muriel said...

Is your brother the one on the left or on the right? :)