Saturday, June 27, 2009

We Have a Website

Yes, it's true.

No, really.

It's designed to promote our shop, with information about events and news about all the nonsense that we get up. It's a bit like the blog, but with structure and no swearing.

There's a link to it here, you can Google 'Big Green Bookshop' and it'll be up there near the top.

It's brand new, and it's work in progress at the moment, but we wanted to launch it now, and improve on it, rather than procrastinate. I mean it's only been 15 months since we opened.

You can buy books on it, and we're furiously trying to add our favourite books onto the website. We don't list everything that's available in the world (the programme that does that costs quite a lot!) but we think it's important to highlight the books that mean a lot to us in the shop, but if the book you want isn't on there you can still order online by sending us a message which we will reply to within 24 hours (unless it's rudey).

There's a page dedicated to our events, which we'll update very regularly. I have 2 more to add this weekend.

We also have a page that let's people know about the other services we offer, like our Out of Print booksearch service, and our kids loyalty cards. We have a few ideas knocking around at the moment that we 'll be adding to this in the near future too.

We hope it will grow to become something rather lovely, and we're going to be adding some new pages onto it in the next few weeks. But it would be good if you could have a look around it and let us know what you think. If there's something that we've missed that's really obvious, we'd like to know, or if you like certain things we'd also like to know.

What harm can it do? CLICK ON ME>>>>

And here's a picture of some cheese.

It's a Cambozola, and a very tasty looking one at that. It's a kind of blue brie and is a milder version of Gorgonzola.


Mrs E said...

looking good. Have updated (and moved to the top of the list) the link on the site:

Hereward said...

The cheese looks great.

Reminds me of a cheese shop that was almost next door to the first bookshop I worked in over twenty years ago. I used to pig out on Cambozola sandwiches.

Fool that I am, I used to think that it was an Italian cheese, but actually it's made in Germany, in Bavaria. The blue stuff is a sort of penicillin, the same as Stilton, but milder.

Interestingly, there is a cheese shop only a couple of doors down from the bookshop where I now work. I am inspired to hunt for Cambozola!

And the website is great too! Dead impressed.

But, oh, the cheese...