Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dan Petrescu

This is Dan Petrescu. He played for Romania, and scored a goal against England once because Graham Lesaux closed his eyes when the nasty dirty football came near him.

This is Wood Green Pet Rescue

A friend of the shop found... well this is what she says.
I rescued 4 grey kittens from our allotment that had been dumped. they're about 5 weeks old and only just onto solid food. We called the cat rescue people and they can't take any kittens at the moment. We're keeping one, but i want the rest to go to a good home who'll give them the amount of care they need. If you're interested, please get in contact...we want the others to either go seperately to houses that already have cats, or to go together..i've had a couple offers but we really want responsible owners that'll neuter them..

Think of the alternatives

If you can genuinely help, email the shop and we'll forward your details on.

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