Saturday, June 06, 2009

A long necked goat

I'm trying to pull together a 'Summer Spectacular' at the shop to get kids all excited about books, which involves about 40 authors, 5 films, 3 pirates, 2 character costumes, over 5 venues, plus one puppeteer, one magician, 3 storytellers, and an alpaca.

Now I know that JK Rowling reads this blog and has a helicopter on stand by waiting for the call, and Stephanie Meyer just won't stop bothering us asking if she can come along to the shop...'whatever Steph'. Are there any authors out there who'd like to join us over the summer holidays to for a whole lot of fun in the Wood Green sun?
If you've written (or know someone who's written) a book for someone between 3 and 15 and think you can help, send us an email. It's going to be epic, and you wouldn't want to miss out would you?
And you might get to see an alpaca.

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