Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Chief Rabbi.

we were asked recently if we could sell books for the Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks new book Future Tense.
We said yes.

so last week I cycled from one Wood (Green) to another (St. John's) Wood, a journey of 5.3 miles, and arrived at the very lovely and very secure Synagogue, where I was greeted by a very amused security guard, who exclaimed, after I'd told him I was here to sell some books,

'you're a litle underdressed, aren't you sir?'
Fair point. Although, in my defence, I was on my bike, and would hardly be wearing my best bib and tucker (if I had a bib, or in fact, a tucker).
Thankfully, he let me in (and I did have a change of clothes in my bag), and I had a most wonderful evening. The guests were courteous and cheerful, the publishers, Hodder, had set up my table of books already and couldn't be more friendly, and the Chief Rabbi himself was a marvellous speaker and a nice chap to boot.
Well worth a 10.6 mile round trip.

It all went so well that we were asked to do sell his books at the London School of Jewish Studies, where the Chief Rabbi was doing a lecture last night.
'Of course', we said, and so off I rode (7.3 miles). Once again, it was a great night and I was treated to biscuits and coffee and everyone was lovely, and we sold lots of books.

I'm so lucky that in my 'job' I get to meet so many amazing people.
There aren't many other industries that I can think of that I would have met and chatted to all these people, Sofia Loren, Kenny Everett, Muhammad Ali, Mike Barson, Spike Milligan, Liam Brady, John Mccarthy and Jill Morell, Mick Jones, Lesley Joseph and Edward Heath. And also, on a more literary tip, Richard Ford, Nick Hornby, Chuck Palahniuk, Tom Stopppard, Dave McKee, Douglas Adams and hundreds more.
There are dozens more superstars (not in Lesley Joseph's league of course) that I could mention, but sometimes it's worth remembering how GOOD it is to be in the book industry.
Blah Blah Blah

Anyway, enough of that nonsense. Of course it's always dreadful and we should all moan constantly. That's the unwritten rule isn't it....

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Richard McKeever said...

But not Haruki Murakami though? ... yet.