Friday, June 19, 2009

Mike Carey at the Big Green Bookshop

Last night we had another rather lovely event in the shop. The marvellous Mike Carey came along to the shop for some hardboiled exorcism related fun. Mike is the author of a very succesful series of Felix Castor novels and also a prolific story writer for Marvel and DC comics.

Much thanks for this event should go to Chris Brosnahan from GeekPlanetOnline, who not only suggested we invite Mike to the shop, but also agreed to introduce him (which he did, I might add, fabulously)
Mike read a chapter from the new Castor novel The Naming of the Beasts, which isn't out until early September.

He also answered some very well informed questions about the novels and also about his comic book writing.
We sold lots of books, and i'm convinced that those in the audience who hadn't read his books before, will definitely be giving them a try soon.

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