Monday, June 08, 2009

Betting, Babies and Blogs

Having failed so convincingly in the Betting Challenge recently, this clearly hasn't put me off wasting my hard earned cash chasing the big win. So I'm now setting myself a new challenge. It will be as follows.

1. It is entitled 'You've Got No Chance Mate'
2. I will bet an (imaginary) pound on a sporting, outcome with odds of 33/1 or more.
3. This will happen a maximum of once a day.
4. I will keep a running total.
5. It will be listed on the blog
6. It will be a shockingly bad idea.
7. It will start on Tuesday June 9th 2009

Katie's going back to work next week, so i'm going to be looking after Freya on Mondays from then. It's exciting and scary and Freya will miss her mum, but there's lots and lots to do in Wood Green for babies and toddlers, so I don't think we'll be bored.
Today I went to 'Jolly Babies' at Burleigh Road Nursery. It's a wonderful place about 3 minutes walk from the shop and despite its grant being taken away fairly recently, the Nursery is still hanging on in there.
It's called Jolly Babies, and i'm sure all the babies were very jolly until the big hairy scary man arrived. But, as is sometimes the case, a big hairy scary man who gurns and says hello is not always what a 2 year old pushing a doll's pram wants to encounter.
All the parents and kids are lovely there and for your £1.50, you get unlimited tea and coffee (and biscuits), and there's fruit and stuff provided for the littl'uns.
Places like this are so important for a community (have I mentioned community before?), and so I'll be frequenting it on many a Monday in the preceding weeks.

Google the words 'bookshop blog', and this blog that you're reading right now comes up at number 3 out of the 4.9 million things that you can click on. If I were a shot putter in an athletics competition in Valencia, that would be a podium position. I'd get a medal, some flowers, a toy duck and a kiss on each cheek. I'd have to stand there and listen to another websites national anthem, but i'd still be a national hero.

Next month, in a random urine test, this blog will test positive for the banned substance 'nonsensidrone, and subsequently be banned from writing anything for 4 years.

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Mark Thornton said...

Third eh? In the good old days (i.e. 2002) you would have been able to float this blog on the stockmarket for many millions of pounds. Ah, those were the days...

I just typed in "bookshop blog oxfordshire" and we didn't even come top of that (sob).


P.S. Looking after little ones whilst your wife works is dead cool and great fun. Except after a few weeks, what you'll find is that you aren't supposed to spend the whole time building things with lego and having car races and watching Monsters Inc. You're supposed to fit in bit of housework and cooking as well (er, so I'm told)...