Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some Nice Press for Us (because no-one else is going to tell you about it are they?

Last weekend we had a visit from RachelH from Londonist, a brilliant website that celebrates good things about London and lists events and stuff.

The upshot was this lovely article about us. That made us rather happy.She also took some rather flattering photos (of the shop), too.

Then we opened Time Out London for Children,
Available on our website here.
On page 259 we found this
(that Crow place is well worth a visit if you're in Crystal Palace too).

Then a couple of pages later, this.
A whole page of photos from our shop!
That's me up the top reading a peekaboo book to Freya. Harry (Tim's most active son) is browsing our well stocked shelves in another photo, and there are a couple of other shots of the glorious Big Green Bookshop too. A whole page!


I've been adding a few more events onto our new website, and i've also put some links up on the top right of the blog for easy access.

There's so much news at the moment, so i'll try and keep you up to date over the next couple of weeks, but I think i'll be playing catch up for a little while, so bear with me.

By the way, if you want to write a (pleasant) comment on the Londonist site about us, then feel free. It keeps us on the front page if you do..

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Rachella said...

I saw that on the Londonist a couple of days ago - Congrats! BTW, you're also on