Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today we had a visit from that naughty little fellow, Horrid Henry. He was a right handful, but we told him before he came that he had to behave himself. The day started at 1.00pm and Henry came along and said hello to all the boys and girls who'd turned up. It was a very hot day, and Henry was beginning to get a bit tired after 45 minutes, so we said he should go home to his mum and dads for a little lie down. About 15 minutes later a few more Henry fans had turned up and were a bit disappointed that Henry had gone home. Especially as we'd suggested that the fun would last until 4.00pm. I must add at this point we also had a yucky dip, and also a competition which we'll get to later.
At this point we realised that we couldn't let Henry's fans go away without meeting their favourite hooligan, so I phoned his mum and she said he'd be back in 20 minutes.
Coincidentally, I had to leave the shop at about the same time as Henry returned, and apparently when he came back he was feeling a bit naughty. He mucked up all our displays, he threw our bookmarks on the floor and he was a right tearaway. And about 5 inches taller?
Here are a few photos from his visit.

New best friends

You're not so Horrid Henry.

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