Thursday, March 03, 2011

Day Off

I am writing this on Wednesday March 2nd

Today was my son Ollie's first birthday. I had a day off.

I shall find out more about the day at the bookshop when I go in tomorrow at 8.00am.
It's World Book Day, so if you want to come in before school to pick up your £1 book please feel free.

Instead of work I went to a farm in Hertfordshire called Willow's Farm. We saw pigs and baby lambs (lambs are always baby), horses, goats, guinea pigs, ducks and an impressive variety of birds of prey.

Ominously, we saw two of these.
Thankfully, they weren't circling us, but I made a quick call to the bookshop to find out how the day was going.
The vultures looked a little embarrassed and sloped off as Mark told me that the day was going very well.
It being one O clock in the morning I shall now have to go to bed. There'll be a two day Strugglometer update tomorrow.

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