Sunday, March 06, 2011

Get Set For The Weekend

As I have no Internet access, i'm typing this on a phone, so should it be shorter or have even more than rhe usual half a dozen glaring grammatical errors I can use this as an excuse.
I hope you are all well by the way.
Enjoying you're Weekend?
Now, where were we...?
Ah yes, the bookshop. The lovely lovely bookshop.
I need to update you on Friday and Saturday, don't I.
Well, people continue to astonish and humble us with their kindness and generosity. On Friday, Tim took ace children's author Ciaran Murtagh, author of Dinopants, Dinopoo, Dinoburps and the seminal Dinoball, to a couple of local schools. Ciaran is absolutely brilliant at school events, and the kids had a fantastic time. They also learnt that inventing underwear for dinosaurs has it's pitfalls.
Mark and I minded the shop and we had to face the prospect of doing storytelling and songs to the under 5's without the strumtastic Tim on guitar. We needn't have worried as the Mums, Dads and (occasionally) the kids joined in with all the classics like Row Row Row Your Boat, and The Wheels On The Bus with gusto. I did a couple more stories than usual and everyone seemed happy enough.
The day itself was Another busy one and the article inthe local papers seem to have got a new crowd of people into the shop who didn't know we were here before. We have become a bit of a curiosity with a number of people poking their heads round the door and saying 'You're that shop that's closing down, aren't you?'.
'we really hope not' we reply, before explaining to them the situation.
Saturday was also flippin' ace, helped by a cheque from a school that we weren't expecting so quickly.
Wheras sometimess it takes a couple of hours before things warm up on a Saturday, today it seemed, we were some peoples first port of call and the coffee had only just been put on before the shop was buzzing.
The day flew past and we signed up about 40 new people to our loyalty card scheme, which means they'll get our newsletter. The newsletter is probably our most effective way of letting people know what's going on in the shop. Prettymuch everyone on the list has been here before, so this means they might come back.
We also finalised details of a rather exciting author signing next weekend.
Yes, on Saturday March 12th at 11.00am, David Nicholls, author of the current chartbusting bestseller One Day, willbe at the BigGreen Bookshop to show his support and sign copies of his books. He's a nice man isn't he?
Please one along if you can, or if not get in touch with the shop to get a signed copy reserved. You know the routine... or 020 8881 6767.
What else can i tell you?
We've been inundated with emails wishing us well and offering help. These are all very very much appreciated (and yes, some of them bring me to tears) and we're trying to reply to all of them. Thank you to everyone who's been in touch.

Now to the Strugglometer. As I said, I am typing this on a telephone and as such, I can't add pictures. I just don't have those skills. However I will add the diagram tomorrow when I get to the bookshop. However, I can tell you that the strugglometer has jumped an impressive 7% over the last two days to 43%.
The biggest week in the shortish history of the Big Green Bookshop has started. Let's hope things go well....

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