Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In distress

I woud like to share a true story that happened yesterday, because it is amazing.
I was coming into London on the train with my daughter Freya to take her to nursery before heading off to the bookshop. I'd tweaked my back the day before, but I stupidly thought I was fine to carry Freya instead of taking a buggy.
She was sitting on my lap on the train and as i picked her up to get off at our stop, my back crunched and i could hardly move. I staggered off the train with her and manage to get to the bottom of the steps, before sitting down.
Freya was being so good and obviously wanted me to carry her, but i realised that I could hardly stand up let alone carry her.
Then, one of our customers happened to walk down the steps to the platform. Let's call this customer Colin Kerr. He said hello and I asked him if he was in a hurry.
He told me that the train that was just arriving was his train to work.
'why do you ask?' he said.
I explained that I couldn't move and we were on our way to nursery.
He immediately told me that he would go home, get his car and give us a lift to nursery, and off he went.
I managed to get up the steps with Freya walking all the way herself (she's only teeny) , and within 10 minutes Colin was back with his car.
After a struggle (me with a knackered back and Freya not wanting to get in), we eventually got into the car and we set off to the nursery.
Colin helped us out and said he'd wait in the car for me and take me to the bookshop or wherever I needed to get to.
I told him he'd done more than enough and thanked him many times.

I love our bookshop and the customers that we've got. I'm proud to be able to call many of them friends and this wonderful act of kindness is just one more example of why we are determined to stick around.

Thanks Colin Kerr. You are a real hero.


Tattooed_Mummy said...

Wow! he is indeed a hero!! Well done Colin!!

Tattooed_Mummy said...

oh and how's your back? :-) xx

Voltaire said...

It's stuff like this that goes some way to restoring my faith in humanity. Colin truly must be a Top Bloke! Now, Simon, be careful and get better!