Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Oui Aargh 3

Hurray. We've made it to three.
Today is the third birthday of the Big Green Bookshop and we have much to celebrate, don't we?
Firstly and most importantly, we are still here, selling books in N22. The booktrade has changed massively in the last three years. Borders is no longer here, E-Readers are less than £500 and Katie Price has produced 37 autobiographies in this time.
But we haven't changed a bit. Look.
Us in 2008

Us in 2011

still looking as baffled as we always have.

We had a surprise visit from a Noel Park School, where a class had made us this amazing Birthday card.
They also brought some cake and sang Happy Birthday. You should have been here.

Later today our book group will be meeting to discuss The Company of Liars by Karen Maitland, and eating more cake.

And now to the stugglometer.....
There's been a break of 3 days since the last official data has been imputted.
So here's the 3 day update
Saturday was a 4% increase
Sunday was a 3% increase
Monday was a 2% increase
and using this data, we come to this conclusion.

Things have slowed down a little, but this has given us a chance to catch up with online sales, which reached a scale we'd never experienced before. (if you ordered through us online, we've almost caught up now, so you should be getting your books very soon.

We also have a Comedy Night on Friday

Do come along and laugh.

I must now sell books and eat cake and twiglets brought in by the lovely Nathan.
Thanks for continuing to tell people about our appeal. We do really really appreciate it.


Voltaire said...

Hope you've left room for pancakes after all that cake! Enjoy the birthday celebrations and I hope you have many many more.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Big Green Bookshop! Glad to hear you had a lovely day yesterday (and that there were cakes). Congratulations on reaching the Big 3 and on all your acheivements so far (it's all very inspirational you know!) and of course, best of luck with the strugglometer. I hope everything goes brilliantly and you can throw it away soon. Best wishes!

Rebecca Emin said...

Love the photos of you both. That did make me laugh. Happy 3rd birthday too. :o)