Friday, March 25, 2011

This week at TBGBs

Here we are then, just you and me. No one else reads this, I hope you realise this.
What a flipping flip of a week this has been. And when I say flipping flip, I mean it in a good way. The good people of the planet earth are continuing to support us in the most wonderful ways.

We are still getting emails that start like this.

my friend *insert name* who buys books from you told me about you and that I should buy a book from you even though I live in*insert name of place many miles away*, and so i'd like to order *insert name of book* Is this OK?'

'I've never been to your shop before, but I read about you on *insert name of magazine, newspaper, website or blog*, and would like to help. Could I order*insert name of book*'

'Oi, you owe me money. Where's my money??'***

***It's not all butterflies and frolicking bunnies.

So, this week then.
Monday and Tuesday were spent sorting out some school visits we have lined up. Jonny Zucker is heading off to a school in Tottenham next week (despite being a Gooner) to delight and astound them with magic and fun.
Jonny is one of those authors who has supported us ever since we opened and has kept in touch and offered his services whenever he can. We are so lucky that there are a great bunch of local(ish) kids authors who are willing to visit and entertain classes all around the borough with no fuss and amazing enthusiasm.

On Wednesday we had a tweetup. If you are on Twitter, you may know what this is.
It is, in short and meet up of people on twitter. A Twitter Meet Up. A Tweetup.
It was arranged by Scott Pack, who is a man on twitter and also a human being. Ideal qualifications for attending a tweetup I would say.
Scott has a blog called Me and My Big Mouth . If you like books and/or cake, I would suggest you check it out.
Anyway, this geezer Scott organised this thing and what happened was that people turned up. And they brought booze and food and stuff. And then what happened was that they bought books (and cards and bookmarks) and talked to each other and seemed to have a good time. It was all rather lovely really. And what's more, the Strugglometer jumped a little closer to its target.
Thanks to all the twitterati that turned up and made it so special. You are all ace.

'Oh Simon, show us the Strugglometer', I hear you cry.

But you must be patient, for the story isn't over yet.

On Thursday evening, we had Rob White and Julie Welch at the bookshop to talk about The Ghost of White Hart Lane, a book that's been hitting a few broadsheets recently and gettng some brilliant reviews.
Now we've been open for over 3 years now, and we've done around 350 author events in the bookshop. We think we're pretty good at deciding how many copies of an author's book to get in for these events.
The shop was packed out for Rob and Julie and such was the demand for the book that we actually sold out. This is the first time this has happened, and it's a terrible situation to find yourself in, but the authors have kindly agreed to come back early next week to sign more copies of the book for people who couldn't get them on the night.
So, if you want a signed copy, you know where to get it....

'Oi Simon, what about the Strugglometer??'

Hold on just a minute. There's more to talk about.

The Portable Bookshop has now found more venues to sell its wares and we're getting some great (sideways) press here. Robin (the dandy) is magnificently relentless at making this a successful project and we are determined to ensure that it reaches its full potential. If you have any suggestions or advice, please feel free to share it.



Next Tuesday,Mr Gum author Andy bloomin Stanton is joining us and about 270 excitable kids at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham for a morning of frolics and fiddle dee dees. Mr Gum is one of our bestselling kids books and Andy is very very kindly taking time out of his writing schedule to do this gig for us. If you happen to fancy a trip to N17, there are 14 tickets left.

Alright already. It's Strugglometer time.

"Wa Wa Wee Wa", as Borat, the fictional character made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen used to say. What a great week.

Now we are at 77% of our 'relative safety' target. This is truly mindblowing and with a few days left, there is every chance we will be tickling the Strugglometer's chin by March 29th.

I realise this next bit is shameless, but I hope you can undersatnd why I ask.

if you are on Facebook, please use this link on your page

if you are on twitter, please RT this,

We are so close to what we hoped to achieve and we just need a final small push in order to make it. You have all been amazing so far. Thanks.

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