Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I've Just Finished a Book

When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman is it's name.

I will not spoil it too much by telling you the story, but it's a book in two parts and follows the unconventional life of Elly Portman. The story centres around the very special relationship she shares with her brother Joe, but it also introduces us to some truly wonderful supporting characters. Troubled outsider and best friend Jenny Penny, the magnificently eccentric lodger Arthur, her bizarre, disfunctional parents and of course God (a rabbit).

Think of The Wonder Years and Malcolm in the Middle. Now take the best bits from those programmes, multiply that by 6, set it in the UK and you'll get some idea of what to expect.

The second half of the book concentrates on the grown up Elly and the emphasis is more on the bitter part of bittersweet, but there are some truly wonderful moments in this book and I loved the author's writing style very much indeed.
The complexity of the characters in the book are described in such a beautifully simple way and the story, though bizarre at times, often hits that 'I know what you mean' nerve perfectly. Sometimes it's what the book suggests and is left to the readers' imagination that makes it work so well and I shall be encouragng lots of our customers to give this a try. Especially when it comes out in paperback in July.

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