Saturday, May 03, 2008

Any Other Boris


Boris Karloff?

Boris Pasternak?

Boris Mcwhirter, the Guiness World Records Twin?

Boris Yeltsin?

Boris, Fearless Leader's henchman in Rocky and Bullwinkle?

Baurice Chevalier?

Boris Vallejo, (saucy) Fantasy Artist?

Borris dancers?

Boris the Spider, a classic Who song?

Boris Lessing?

Boris Spassky, the third best Chess player ever?

Boris Day?

Boris Becker?

Nope. This dickhead.

We should be ashamed of ourselves


Anonymous said...

I swore that if he got elected, I'd move out of London.

Anonymous said...

I know it's awful and I spent most of Friday night swearing like a sailor as we slowly heard of his win ... But haringay didn't vote him - so thats summit :)

Also he's gonna be crap at this job so hopefully all those people who voted for him will be ashamed of what they did and then in 2012 when we get a new mayor we can get someone as good as Ken or maybe even the lovely Sian...

chin up folks

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that I shall no longer be visiting this blog.

If you want to get involved in politics, form a political party, don't open a bookshop.

Stick to books, please, you actually do that well. I'm not interested in reading a blog about 2 guys starting up a bookshop and reading about how much you dislike the mayoral candidates ( and now mayor ). You are also publicly insulting him, and I hope he visits you soon to pay back the compliment.

Anonymous said...

Before I go though...

A touch of irony...

There's an advert for on this blog!!


Simon Key said...

Hello Mr Anonymous 3,
he's already insulted the whole of Wood Green when he came for his 'grand visit' last year and said that he heard they'd shut the Waterstone's down because not enough people in the area read.

Anonymous said...

Now, if you'd put THAT on your blog, it would make more sense, Simon.

Still, no reason to publicly call someone a dickhead, especially the mayor who has been elected by the majority of people who voted in the recent election.

And especially not on the shop's blog. Go and start up your own blog, mate, and air your political views there.

Leave bookselling to booksellers...

You will alienate a lot of people if you don't.

My 2 p worth.

Simon Key said...

Fair point. The dickhead has been removed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3,

it's Simon's blog, he can write what he wants. I think it helps, actually, to know what people like Simon think about very important things like who's going to be Mayor of London. It qualifies what type of shop he's running. I wish he'd do more of it. The entry about the future Mayor of London was one of the best on this site and I bet you I'm not the only one who thought that.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the finger wagging 'Anonymous' also believes that politics has nothing to do with sport.
Everything is political, and whether you like it or not, bookselling is political.
Never allow anyone to censor you Simon, particularly on your own forum.

Anonymous said...

Yes Simon, didn't you know that politics is once again the preserve of old Etonians ?
How dare you express an opinion on your own site ! Have you taken leave of your senses ? How about offering to sweep the Mayor's chimney to make up for it?


Mark Thornton said...

Dear Mr Anonymous 3,

Just to let you know that I shall no longer be reading your anonymous comments on this blog.

If you want to get involved in bookselling, set up a bookshop, don't post anonymous comments on bookselling blogs.

P.S. Poor satire aside, I would say that bookselling is *completely* political. In fact, I would go as far as to say that independent bookselling is a revolutionary act. It links into all kinds of things: biodiversity, real choice, community, anti-big business and subverts much of the current political/business status quo. How 'political' is that?

If you are helping people read different books, you're helping them to *think* differently and that has to be revolutionary (IMHO)...

AnonymousThree said...

I decied to stick around for a bit longer as Simon removed the 'Dickhead' bit off the blog. Thanks, Simon, I respect that and your comments in the latest post on the blog.

Think of my comments as constructive criticism. I do want you guys to succeed, hence my comments.

I believe in freedom of speech, I also believe in your right to write whatever you want on your blog. My point was that if it was your personal blog, that's one thing, but if people associate it with your shop, then that may well be another. You may find yourself rubbing people up the wrong way and that could affect business. Again, that's your decision to make.

I wish you all of best for your shop.

To those who made comments at my comments... I'm not going to get into a debate with you on this blog - I think that will just make things worse.

So, I bid you adieu with a smile and a wave and a warm heart. Good day :-)

Bernie said...

The Leader by Roger McGough

I wanna be the leader
I wanna be the leader
Can I be the leader?
Can I? I can?
Promise? Promise?
Yippee I'm the leader
I'm the leader

OK what shall we do?

Anonymous said...

That's about Boris by the way. This is what I think it might be like.

Lindsay said...

What's with all the anons all of a sudden?

Simon and Tim you write whatever you want to. You are funny and interesting and smart and you have the courage of your convictions and that's why I for one keep on reading.

Sarah-Lucy said...

Well said Lyndsay - I totally agree. This is a great blog that I thoroughly enjoy reading and wish that I didn't live 2+ hours away so I could support the shop in person.

Angela Young said...

Great blog altogether, and great post in particular. How on earth did it happen? I voted for Ken and Sian ... I hoped everyone - or the majority of everyone - would.

I'm with Tony Parsons (I think it was) who on the News Quiz just after the election said, 'How on earth can I call myself a Londoner now that we've got a man leading us whose usual greating is a shouted, "Stand by your swords!"'

I agree, and I should know ... I used to work near the old sword-wielder 2,000 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it's official, we have elected a bona fide eejit; or rather, there are those who couldn't be bothered to vote, and Boris's lot came out in force.

So let's all be afraid...... very afraid....

on the other hand, he could make such an almight mess, that no-one will consider voting Tory in the next GE... can only live in hope...

lucyfishwife said...

You write whatever you like! The great thing about not being a Waterstones is that nobody can tell you what party line you should be toeing. I voted for the dull but worthy guy who likes bananas... rather depressed to see that I was offered a choice of FOUR far right candidates though, and that's not even includung the tories...