Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best New...


We've been invited to the Haringey Business Awards, because of all you lovely people who filled in the voting form. We don't know if we've won anything (other than a free dinner) but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Which makes it hard to type.

We know we haven't won best new restaurant, despite some strange voting. And why not? We give out free coffee. What other restaurant does that? I often eat my lunch in the shop, and we have supplied crisps, biscuits, corn chips, cakes and other digestables to our customers at the events. Oh, and wine and juice and water and stuff, too

So why shouldn't we be nominated for the best new restaurant? Hmmm?

Oh yes. Vote for Stan Lee


MarkFarley said...

You guys have fucking walked Best Restaurant and I might add, Best Public Toilet... because I bet you have said no to nobody!

Unlike us...xx

Mrs E D Wards said...

We over at
are very chuffed for you
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what Stan Lee is in the running for, but whatever it is, I'll vote for him.

Robert B said...

You're bookshop is clearly a bookshop, and green, but is it big? I say Little Green Bookshop.