Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm here Now


So you can go home.

Not hungover. Still Drunk


Anonymous said...

According to a recent article in "The New Yorker", getting drunk again (or staying drunk) is one of the best ways to avoid a hangover. So, well done!

Mary Cavanagh said...

Well done, Simon and Tim. I'm so glad you won - you really deserve it after all the hard work and energy you have put in to the project. On ward and upward.

Mary Cavanagh

Mark Thornton said...

Congratulations guys - well done!

pugly said...

Hi Simon, long time no see - I've just recently added you on Facebook so you should know who this is :-)

So you have your own bookshop now, huh? Kewl. But cor blimey, you look like you have stopped taking showers/shaved for months, mate! :-P