Monday, May 05, 2008

Our Bestselling Books


if you're interested, here's a few books that have done really well since we opened

Yiddish Policeman's Union- Chabon
Persepolis- Satrapi
Dawn of the Dumb- Brooker
Flea Palace- Shafak
End og Mr Y-Thomas
Princess Bride- Goldman
Fludd- Mantel
Mr Pip- Jones
Restraint of Beasts- Mills
Railway Detective- Marston

there's no pattern to this yet, and i've left out the books that are in our bookgroups etc. It is reassuring that 4 of these books I got in especially because I really like them myself, and have been able to recommend them to customers.

Other areas that seem to be outselling the more traditional sections are Graphic Novels and gardening.
We don't have any manga, and so it's titles like Maus, and the Perry Bible Fellowship that sell well from here. We are beginning to crack though and will shortly be gettng a smattering of manga, although it's hard to know where to stop with something like that.

Just so you know, this is my first posting from the shop. And yes I do feel guilty. I should be tidying picture flats, or going through June new titles (yes we really do leave it a bit late don't we). Actually, I will go through June new titles now, so more about other things when I get home.

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