Friday, May 09, 2008

A New Quest to keep us busy


Right, here's the deal.

There's a list of authors to the right of here...just there..up a bit..that's it!
This is our longlist of authors that we're going to try and get to do an event or a signing at our shop.
Now, what you should do is to vote, who you think will be the best person for us to try and entice to the Big Green Bookshop. Once the voting's over, we'll start the quest to get that author to come and see us.
The quest is likely to be a long one, as these people are probably busy over the next few weeks, but we'll keep you up to date on what we're doing to persuade them and what response we get.
It's possible that we may need to get some of you lot involved in the quest. A lot of these authors don't live in the UK, so we may ask for some help from our blog readers overseas. But it should be entertaining ne c'est pas?

For your information.

Stephen King. 350 million selling Horror and Science Fiction author. Possibly a little tricky. I've read 3 of his books

Delia Smith OBE. 18 million selling cookery author, and Norwich City Football Club director. I've read (or used) 2 of her books

Banksy. Bristol born artist, nobody really knows what he looks like, except his Mum. I've read 1 of his books

Stan Lee. Comic book legend, and co-creator of Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Iron Man and many more. One of my all time heroes. I've read approx 3000 of his comics

Don Delillo. Prolific and critically aclaimed American literary giant. I've read 3 of his books.

Jackie Collins. Raunchy, bonkbusting novelist, famous for her novels Stud, The Bitch and her 'Hollywood' series. I have read 0 of her books.

Patrick Suskind. Reclusive German author of Perfume, and The Pigeon. I have read 1 of his books

Haruki Murakami. Increasingly popular Japanese author, who's extraordinary books include The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, and Norweigan Wood. I have read 3 of his books

Cupcake Brown. American 'misery memoir' author of a Piece of Cake. I have read 0 of her books

William Shatner....Captain Kirk off the Starship Enterprise. That's all you need to know.

One of these pieces of information is incorrect, but there you go.

Choose wisely, and may the best author/artist/starship commander win.


Kelly said...


I would love that.

Stan Lee would also be great and probably more of a draw for most though...

Lesley said...

I plumped for Delia - how novel it would be to have her How to Cheat sold at RRP!(my Mum bought a copy -some of it I hated, some of which was just common sense)

Lauren said...

I reckon the incorrect piece of information is that you've read 0 of Jackie Collins' books. I bet you're a closet fan of the bonk-buster!

Mark Thornton said...

It's got to be 'The Shat'. How cool would that be. In fact, I'll race you to him...

Anonymous said...

"The shat"? I beg your pardon!

I reckon you haven't read 3000 Marvel comics. Liar, liar!

G d L

Mark Thornton said...

Yes, "the shat" is an affectionate name for Shatner from a subset of the Trekkie community which has never forgiven him for his "get-a-life" comment on Saturday Night Live in the 1980s...apparently!

Akasha Savage said...

It's got to be...I repeat GOT to be...the King of Horror. I would love you all forever, until the day I die and beyond, if you could get him here from across the pond.
Huh! That rhymes!!

Sophia said...

I chose Stan Lee.
He created one of my favourite superheros Peter Parker.

I agree with Kelly he would draw the most people to your shop.

lucyfishwife said...

I was going to say William Shatner but you'd have to get him to sing as his books are mingin'. Stephen King is a shameful personal god of mine, whom I love with a fervour that passeth all understanding, rather like "Born To Run" by Bruce Springsteen.. therre, I've admitted it. HOWEVER who but Stan Lee, if you can't get Alan Moore...

Mat Danaher said...

Shatner all the way! To be honest he's probably the most realistic prospect he'll turn up to the opening of a cereal packet.

And he would have to sing...

You'd have to stock up on the Scifi section first though, you'd get flooded by geeks seeking gifts.

Anonymous said...


and Stan Lee.