Friday, May 23, 2008

Some Things That I Am Thinking from Inside My Headbone


So, it seems that the misery memoir is not selling as well as it used to. Who'd have thought it? Sudoku anyone? Books written from blogs? the spice girls reforming after Take That did it? Big Brother 24? Celeb scandal magazines? Star Wars? Indiana Jones?
I suspect that some of the books published which fit into this newly created genre are absolutely rubbish. I also suspect that the books that got people into this newly created genre (million little pieces, child called it, angela's ashes) aren't as rubbish. I fear for the future of anonymous memoirs. Those call girls just don't write as well as they used to.

I think that there are some booky wookshops out there that should be cheered and visited with full wallets (and left with empty ones). This list starts with us, but that's not the point. Mostly Books in Abingdon won gold at this years Nibbies. New Bookshop of the Year is a brilliant accolade and hurrah for them. They have a wonderful bookshop and they seem to be able to put together some great events and if I nick a few of their ideas, it's simply an homage to their greatness.
And then there's Crockatt & Powell. No nibbies for them though. what's all that about? They're a chain now god damn it, but despite that they have just opened the most sumptuous bookshop in Fulham. Congratulations and all that to them.

Here's some books. They are good. The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse We got it from those dang tootin yankie doodle Americans at Baker and Taylor, and i love it. I discovered it about 12 years ago, and being something of a fairy tale fan (Anglela Carter is fab) found the whole book intoxicating and escapist magic. Come to Wood Green and buy a copy if you like. 253 by Geoff Ryman Another book published ages ago, but what's wrong with that.
There are seven carriages on a Bakerloo Line train, each with 36 seats. A train in which every passenger has a seat will carry 252 people. With the driver, that makes 253.
This novel describes an epic journey from Embankment station, to the Elephant and Castle, named after the Infanta de Castile who stayed there, once. This is an example of the verbal imprecision that costs British industry millions of pounds a year.
Numbers, however, are reliable. So that the illusion of an orderly universe can be maintained, all text in this novel, less headings, will number 253 words.
Each passenger is described in three ways:
Outward appearance : does this seem to be someone you would like to read about?
Inside information : sadly, people are not always what they seem.
What they are doing or thinking : many passengers are doing or thinking interesting things. Many are not.
I nicked that from the website. I still love this book, and I especially like the fact it has a page dedicated to a pigeon who's found himself on the tube by mistake.

Look who came to the shop this week for Big Green WednesdayKAREN Mc(FLIPPIN)COMBIE, that's who. Ally's World, Indie Kidd, Sadie Rocks and Stella Etc. Karen McCombie was lovely and the kids really enjoyed meeting her (I'm guessing by the big smiles and stuff like that). Thanks Karen, see you in June for more fun.

No news from Scott Pack with Haruki's number, and Stan hasn't replied to my email yet. I didn't think it was going to be that easy really. Next week we'll take it to the next level.

Bristol City are playing Hull City tomorrow to decide who goes into the premiership. This is rather important for me and although I wasn't able to get a ticket to Wembley coupled with the fact i'm working tomorrow, it's likely i'll be rather distracted.
I'm not able to put into words how important this football match is to me, but please think good thoughts towards the West Country tomorrow.

Lastly today, the summer promotions are arriving on the high street. It might be more cost effective if they started producing 'Not 3 for 2' stickers, as they wouldn't need to sticker as many books.

Remember to have lovely Bristol City thoughts now...


lucyfishwife said...

You know what's going to happen. You can see it coming. I for one will be there if William Shatner sings...

lucyfishwife said...

P.S. Although I have just been asked if we were likely to have a Cherie Blair signing. I know she'll open an envelope for a bit of publicity, but this is ridiculous..