Thursday, May 08, 2008

There's a New Indie Bookshop in Town


The town of Tetbury to be precise. It's called the Yellow Lighted Bookshop, and it opened recently to cheers and waves and a small barking dog no doubt.
Hereward Corbett (for it is he who has done this magnificent thing), should be raised aloft and toasted throughout the land. Unlike noisy oiks like us, he has quietly and professionally put together a beautiful looking shop, which Tetbury and its environs should all be very proud of.

It seems that everyone's at it. You can walk 100 yards without another of those bloody independent bookshops opening nowadays. What is this world coming to.


Mendozy said...

Ooh, I'm assuming they're named after the great book of the same name - which all indie bookshops should stock, if you don't already! ...

lucyfishwife said...

Tchuh, you're just jealous because we've got a really good deli next door..