Thursday, November 22, 2007

Big Broth... Er, Big Bookshop


The following email arrived a couple of days ago. Only the names and numbers have been concealed to protect the innocent.


I was just wondering if your bookshop had opened yet as BBC London TV would be interested in doing a feature on it.
Please do get in contact on 0207 *** **** or 07*** ******.

Thank you


A long time ago, in a far away post, we said that we quite fancied a reality-type TV program to follow our progress. Maybe this email is the start?

I could be as famous as that bloke from Airplane. Or is it Airport? You know the one... That chap.... um James? Or Jerry.... Anyway, him. Or as famous as the girl who married the bloke in the band. You must remember her, she had a book and everything.

Or maybe, Simon and I could be the bookselling world's equivalent of Ant and Dec? (For a long time I thought it was one person called Anton)

Ah yes. Fame awaits. All we need now is a Bookshop.

As for the actual progress. Well, we decided not to do too many posts saying "We're waiting for this or that to happen" as they get quite repetitive. So you can probably guess that we're waiting for something to happen. I'll try to heighten the tension by not telling you what it is...........

....... Is is working?


Lesley said...

Sounds like it's time you got yourselves an agent...!

Chris said...

"Celebrity Bookseller"?

The brief is simple: take a D-list celeb (Ant or Dec) and give them a bookshop to run, under the watchful eye of yourselves...

I think we have a winning formula. :)

Send the cheque to me, c/o Cutt, Throat & Runn, Geneva, Switzerland.