Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Limited in name only


I got a call from Damian, our accountant to let me know that the Certificate of Incorporation had arrived, so I jumped on my bike and went to pick it up.


So, the BIG GREEN BOOKSHOP is now officially a limited company.

Now we can open our business bank account, which means that then we can open accounts with distributors. It also means we can have credit cards with 'The Big Green Bookshop..Business' on it.

Limited seems such a strange way of describing us. We used to be limited, before we got made redundant, but now you may well see me and Tim wearing silver outfits strutting up and down the High Road, singing 'No no..No No No no no, There's no Limits' much like this

Maybe if it got us in the papers we would anyway...........


Anonymous said...

OI...even slow motion can't help...what the heck is that?!

Tim West and Simon Key said...


I think I fixed it now.