Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here's an insight into how i'm ordering the stock for the shop.

Remember, we're ordering from scratch, and I don't have anyone from Head Office to phone up and ask to send a spreadsheet of the top 500 on each category (although, I might give it a go a bit later today).
As you can see i'm using a mixture of order and chaos.
OK some things to spot.It's like a where's wally book,(or where's Waldo for our American visitors).
* A bunch of bananas for energy
* An Ipod on which I have 'The eye of the Tiger', 'Gold' by Spandau ballet and 'You're the Best Around' by Joe Esposito from the Karate Kid soundtrack on a constant loop.
* A never ending cup of coffee
* A selection of Spongebob Squarepants DVDs to keep me sane
* Some bestseller reports possibly from Waterstone's
* A Bertram's core stock list, which probably has too many Art titles in BTW.
* Anadin Extra, because i've done my back in doing some gardening (i'm not on gardening leave).
* Catalogues from many wonderful publishers.
* Gardners and Bertrams new title catalogues
* lists of 13 digit numbers
* a brilliant picture flat called 'That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown' (isbn 9781843624530), to break the monotony. (Thanks Darren)
* 3 pens, because I keep losing them under paper.
* if you look really closely you might see a single teardrop from when i'd just finished loading around 450 isbns onto a spreadsheet and then forgot to save it.

I also have a computer (duh!), and will today be tackling Mind Body and Spirit and self help, which we have allocated 21 shelves (672 books approx).
Right, starting with A. Angels, Alchemy, Astrology, Another coffee I think.....


I was going to put a comment along the lines of "This is the tidyest I've ever seen Simon's flat..." but then I looked at the state of my own front room, and realised that there would be a certain amount of kettle abusing pots involved.


Simon said...

I work for Oxford University Press (currently at my most productive). D'you fancy any of our catalogue/marketing gubbins?

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

Michael from Compass here. This blog is v. funny. Do you know, I wasn't aware that you had a sense of humour (humor for your American visitors).

I love the way the Big Green Bookshop is bigging up Wood Green. I'm sure it's sincere but it must also go down well with the local residents.

Anyway, I wish you every success and if there's anything I can do let me know.

Welshcake said...

Do you have an opening date yet?

Tim West and Simon Key said...

Simon from OUP, why the heck not!
Michael, I tried to call you, but your mobile was playing up. I'll try again next week. Wood Green is the best place i've ever worked, and I can't wait to open the shop here.
Welshcake, grrr! Still waiting for the solicitors to sort out the lease. It's gonna be a close call to open pre-hristmas, but it all might click together next week, so who knows. We intend to make sure that everyone (EVERYONE) knows when we do open, so i'm sure you won't miss it!
Thanks for all your support,

Jan Jones said...

Oooh, I see my book. There on the right hand side.

Leigh Russell said...

As a new author (first of three due out in March 2009) I'm dropping by to wish you GOOD LUCK . I'll try to visit when you open.(Don't worry, I've no nefarious intentions to "reverse shoplift" by surreptitiously slipping a copy of my book onto your shelves!) You're welcome to visit my blog if you've got time.