Monday, November 26, 2007

Wood Green is Lovely

less than 10 minutes walk from the site of our shop is Alexandra Park. Prety much every Sunday, Katie and I go up there for a walk and also to visit the Farmer's Market. Blowing cobwebs and all that...
During the summer we picked loads of nettles, and Katie made a wonderful soup and a nettle flan. We've picked blackberries in September and made some fantastic jam and muffins and cakes and crumbles(what a bunch of hippies). More recently we almost risked picking mushrooms, but decided to wait until we were sure of survival before trying this.
We're going to pick some holly and similar stuff to make chrimbo decorations.
Wood Green is lovely

Look, it's lovely.

see, lovely

Lovely lovely Wood Green...mmmm

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Big Green Cookbook?