Monday, November 05, 2007

Our Visit to the Accountant

' Bookshop, haahaahaaahaaa....Two..two clueless booksellers, haaaa Haaaaa....etc'


On Friday we went to visit our accountant, Damian. I've been using him for a couple of years, as I had a lucrative little side project aside from bookselling, and Damian's been doing my tax returns for me. We had to wait until after we'd named the shop to see him as Damian's registering the name, as well as all the other clever accountancy stuff he's going to charge us for. The meeting lasted about an hour and a half, and he advised us that a Limited Company was a more sensible way of going forward than a Partnership. He gave us probably 8 or more reasons why, and I can remember at least 2 of them, but me and Tim both agreed when we left that we felt a lot more confident knowing that he was going to guide us through the slightly more mundane aspects of book-keeping. He's also going to help us when we take on staff, so all in all it was a very good 90 minutes. He told us during the meeting that he'd got his hands on tickets to see Arsenal vs Man United the following day and I imagine after the game he felt that 'all in all it was a very good 90 minutes' as well (94 minutes actually).

We now have to fill in some more forms with the bank in order to change the bank account details (we have to have 'limited' at the end of our name now). Damian's fast-tracking the certificates we need to take to the bank from Company House (I think that's what it's called). Ah, fast-track...I was a fast-track to management scheme drop out in my previous employ, but I digress. It's good to able to do stuff while the solicitors battle out the legal details...

lots of fireworks over the weekend , including these



and I did a guest blog for the Bookseller asking for bestseller lists and free stuff.
Here's the address to send them all to, by the way
Bookshop Bestsellers
c/o 59a, Salisbury Road,
Wood Green,
N22 6NU

The Big Green Bookshop will be up and about shortly, so bless you all...

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Hi - Are your lovely fireworks pics from Ally Pally? I used to live at the bottom of the park and miss those amazing fireworks displays. I don't miss the constant bangers going off on the streets though!!