Monday, November 26, 2007

(wood)Stock update


I'm tired....but there's so much more to do. I've gone through a load of speadsheets and picked and picked and repicked titles for the shop.
Here's the score so far.
We will be stocking Dan Brown, but not Roy Chubby Brown
We will be stocking MBS, IBS, BNF, EFL, NVQ and CGP but not GBH, WWF or CSI
We will be stocking Roald Dahl, but no books on Salvador Dali
We wlll be stocking Clarice Bean but not Mister Bean
We will be stocking Miriam Stoppard but not Tom Stoppard
We will be stocking 'misery memoirs', but not 'Grumpy Old' nonsense
We will be stocking Harry Potter, Harry and the Dinosaurs, Harry the Dirty Dog and Harry Turtledove, but not Gary Barlow, Gary Larson, Barry Trotter or something else with 'arry' in it.
I'm going to get in touch with Usborne, Scholastic and CGP tomorrow to get complete catalogues, but things are moving along as smooth as a dolphin.


moo said...

Please tell me you will not have shelves labelled thus:

Alis said...

Love the prospective stocklist - can I come and live in your bookshop please? Especially as the pictures of Wood Green were so lovely...

Vanessa said...

Iggy Peck, Architect has done REALLY well for us - outselling all others in the two weeks we've been open! There's also a gorgeous board book by Emile Jadoul called Look Out! It's the Wolf! which is hugely popular with the under threes and their parents. And we're all big fans of Harry and the Dinosaurs especially the set at the moment which comes with the book and an actual bucketful of dinosaurs.

Tim West and Simon Key said...

Moo, it's a thought isn't it?

Alis, we charge a very reasonable rent to live in the shop. Tea and biscuits and the occasional storytelling.

Vanessa. Iggy Peck looks BRILLIANT. The author has a great website, where you can get signed bookplates and download an Igyy Peck maze. And I love Emile Jadoul, her books are fantastic, and a welcome addition to the list. Thanks


Vanessa said...

And a company called Jellycat do gorgeous cloth books which are proving very popular. As are the new books of the original Moomins comic strips. Which Gardners have sold out of - grrr. Note to self: remember to open Bertrams account...

Lindsay said...

I'd like to suggest one 'arry' to stock - Richard Scarry. His kids books are wonderful but the chains don't tend to stock many eg Cars Trucks and things that Go, What do People do all Day, Day at the airport

Tim West and Simon Key said...

Vanessa, Jellycat look fun. I think we'll have a look at them i the new year.
Lindsay, I used to love Richard Scarry, and he'll definitely get some shelfspace. I love your blog by the way, and O is so cute! I hope you can come and visit us from Hackney when we open.