Saturday, November 17, 2007

Making Plans for Simon


Hello everybody peeps. Not too much to report. Yesterday we headed off to the shop premises with Tim's electronic tape measure, to get an accurate floorplan.
Tim then nicked off home and within 3 hours he'd pulled together something glorious on an excel spreadsheet and cycled over to my place to show me how it worked. We now have this amazing program which can tell us on average how many books we can stock if we have x amount of paperbacks, y amount of kids books and z amount of lifestyle titles. It changes as we change the shop layout, and it does other clever things too. He's a clever fella that Tim fella.
I filled in a few credit account forms in the evening in a desperate attempt to avoid watching a bunch of scrotums from 'The Bill' singing for Charity. Good old Pudsey....

Oh yeah, we also got the company chequebook!

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