Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Tim called our business advisor, who chased the document that was posted to Glasgow on Wednesday, and was then supposed to be posted to our solicitor (I hope you're all keeping up). The department in Glasgow confirmed that they had the document, and it would be actioned today. Although this sounds really frustrating (why haven't they posted it already the lazy bast...), me and Tim were pleased about this.
'At least they know it exists', I said triumphantly.
'yeah, it's great' Tim replied.
So they said they'd action it today. Tim and I both know what this means. They haven't posted it today, actioned doesn't mean posted. They could post it. They could have posted it last Thursday if they had the manpower to deal with a document arriving in the post. They've actioned it, so they'll probably post it tomorrow.
We've both lowered our once over optimistic expectations, and so anything that is better than the worst possible scenario is now a victory for the home team.
So our solicitor should get it on Thursday. Once he has it, it doesn't have to go anywhere else. I think that's it for pieces of paper. That means that we can arrange an exchange date.
Tim and I reckon next Thursday....maybe.

I've started sending our opening orders to publishers with VERY CLEAR notes not to release the order until I call them.
We think that we've got a good deal on our BT and internet connection, and we're going to be negotiating our credit card charges and insurance tomorrow.

The first of the reviews has come back today from our 'Amazing Free Book Giveaway' on facebook. If you missed it, we offered to post books out to people free of charge on the condition that they sent back a review. It was a Facebook group only offer, and it's not going to be the last. It kind of makes sense when it comes to kid's books. Tim and I can't really do them justice, but if kids read them then they'll be able to tell us what they're really like.
We also sent out a few grown up books too.

Lucy Robertson (aged 6) from Bristol read Augustus and his Smile, and this is her review.

'I liked the cluful picturs beakos there brigtly culed. The riting swold across the page.'

Her Mum, Nicola also added;

A charming tale of a tiger that looses his smile only to find it again after discovering all the things that make him happy.
A perfect story to read to pre-school children and children, younger still, who will enjoy the easy flow of the story and the simple but stunning illustrations enabling them to stretch their imaginations.
This book is also suitable for newly fluent readers who will enjoy the layout of the words crossing the page in different directions and the colourful illustrations.
A great choice for parents as the words flow easily making it an enjoyable read and a book I am sure you will read again and again – a certain bookshelf favorite.

Thanks Nic and thanks Lucy

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Vanessa said...

I am a huge fan of Augustus and Catherine (one of our local authors and illustrators) will be coming to read about him to children in our shop in the next month or two. She also has a couple of gorgeous new books coming out soon.