Monday, January 21, 2008

A Monkey on the Nose

Katie and I decided to go to Walthamstow to watch the greyhounds on Saturday. As money gets tight we were thinking of ways to fill the piggy bank again, and thought that gambling on dogs was the perfect solution. I had a system and I was sure it couldn't fail.
It's a 2 bus journey, but we made it in time for the first race, and I set my system in motion. I rolled a dice. It came up 4 and so that's where the money was going. I had visions of trap 4 darting out and charging to an unassailable lead, a bit like this.....

Unfortunately what I got was more like this

after 3 more failed attempts, I gave up the dice, and staggeringly started winning. Katie pulled in a couple of wins and at one stage we we're thinking that our money worries were over. However after scampi in a basket and a few drinks, not forgetting an incredible 6 dog losing streak, reality struck. I think in the end we were down about a fiver, but the buses turned up immediately to take us home and we'd a had a great laugh. If horseracing is the sport of kings, then greyhound racing is probably the sport of serfs, and much the better for it.

I know it's been over a week since it's finished, but on this sport related post it would be remiss of me not to mention the Sport of Blings. 'Let's Play Darts'.
I've always loved the game, since the days of Ceri Morgan and pretty boy Mike Gregory. It's turned all shiny and spangly now, and I think I love it even more. It's an advantage of working from home that I can press the red button and watch Ray Stubbs talking about Tony O'Shea's lovely wife Gill in a feature called DWAGS (darts wives and girlfriends), and Bobby George wheezing about Ted Hankey 'ittin' more ton eigthies than doubles'.
It's also great that they have their own theme tunes now. Martin 'Wolfie' Adams has (unsurprisingly) Hungry like the wolf by Duran Duran, although he makes it his own by howling at the beginning. Ted' The Count' Hankey, who dresses in a cape and throws rubber bats into the crowd, staggeringly has DJ Zany's This is My Territory (be on your way). I'd never thought be'd be into hardhouse, but there you go.

Oh yeah, bookshop stuff. The letter still hasn't arrived at the solicitors yet, and our business advisor's taken a day off, so we'll have to chase it up tomorrow.
I'm sorting out the insurance at the moment. We have to insure the plate glass windows ourselves apparently even though the landlord's responisble for the insuring the building. Ho hum.
Tim is battling away with the till at the moment. We bought a Casio TE-100 and he's been trying to get our logo onto the receipts without much success. Any casio TE-100 experts out there, you know what to do....

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