Friday, January 11, 2008



I've noticed recently how versatile facebook can be, and what a great marketing tool it is. The Notting Hill branch of waterstone's have a group on there where all the events and signings are listed, and all the members are contacted when something groovy happens there.
When we started this opening a bookshop lark I started a facebook group called A Decent Bookshop In Wood Green (revisited). It was initially created to let the people who signed the petition to stop the Waterstone's in Wood Green closing know what we were up to, but I also used it to request peoples favourite books during Children's Book Week. I don't update it very often, but have decided that it's time I used it more effectively. There are as I type this 195 members, which is brilliant! Once we open, like Notting Hill, we'll be able to let all the members know about any events or signings, and although the benefits of this will be for our local customers, it might also be useful if you wanted a signed copy of a book and didn't live nearby.
We'll also be using the site to advertise offers, discuss books, ask peoples opinions on bookshop stuff (I cant work out where the apostrophe should go in peoples, so I've left it out), and also have exclusive facebook book offers which are only available to the facebook members. It can also be an advertising post for people who want to let the world know about a favourite book or their own book!
So, what I wondered is whether you'd be so kind as to join the group and invite you're facebook friends to join as well. I understand that the biggest bookshop group on facebook is The Book cafe with over 1300 members. On a purely selfish level i'd love it if we got somewhere close to that! Just click on this link to get to the group and press the join button. If you haven't got a facebook account, now's your chance. You never know, it might open up a whole new world of fun and frolics.
If you have any other ideas for how our facebook group can be used let us know.

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