Friday, January 25, 2008

Fingers Crossed...


9.06am Spoke to solicitors reception. The stray document has arrived. Waiting for him to call with more detail

9.09am Spoke to Simon. He is now waiting for me to call, after solicitor has called. (This adds one level of frustration to Simon, which isn't really fair)

9.15am Left message on business advisors voice mail to say thank-you, and check on any loose ends (God-forbid)

9.16am Scratch head, and prepare for a long wait.....


9.08 lying in bed, dreaming of seeing Christopher Biggins walking his dog in Bristol

9.09 whaaaa....answered phone. It was Tim. Felt a bit guilty about lying in bed (but not that much)

9.13 wake up

9.16 scratch my head, and prepare for a long wait.....


2.10 pm still waiting.... although Tim has spoken to business advisor (who didn't know document had arrived or that our solicitor had phoned ), and she is making sure that....actually I don't know what she's making sure, but it feels like progress.

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